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synonyms 2009-12-27 Synonyms for operationalized include brought online, functionalized, went live, gone live, made work, put into operation, put into use and put to work. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! 1 Put into operation or use. ‘such measures would be difficult to operationalize’. More example sentences.

Operationalise meaning

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To operationalize something is to make it operational, or to put it into use. Inside the Unites States it is spelled with a z in all its forms. While outside the United  What do we mean by operationalize? At a very basic level, operationalize means to make use of automation tools to gain benefits. To get a more holistic view we  10 Apr 2017 Operationalizing something means to “put it into operation or use.” You " operationalize compliance" by integrating it into business process—so it  22 Dec 2014 To operationalise something usually means to measure it, and more generally to make it easy to examine and discuss. In surveys,  “Operationalizing analytics means including the analysis and recommendations into an ongoing business process—essentially meeting people where they are  19 Apr 2018 They do not know where to start or what it means to “apply a racial equity and inclusion lens” to social change work.

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Learn more. Operationalise definition based on common meanings and most popular ways to define words related to operationalise. Operationalise or operationalize To operationalize something is to make it operational, or to put it into use. Inside the Unites States it is spelled with a z in all its forms.

Operationalise meaning

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Operationalise meaning

cept of “deteroration” as “meaning that there is deterio- ration as soon as the status of 8 För en teoretisk diskussion om rättslig operationalise-. acquisition, is ignored by those who want to operationalise teaching online." So, everyone who's listed as a COVID death doesn't mean that that was the  also provide the platform upon which they can operationalise the criteria for a her body, is incommensurable with the meaning of vulnerability as a measure  av J Lindberg · 2015 · Citerat av 16 — stantial definition of religion to find what is perceived as 'religion' in the material to be able to operationalise it. I understand religion there as beliefs, language  av L Batalha-Hallmén — ten gav det en annorlunda betydelse (meaning). I det västerländska Detta breda spektrum som ingår i maktens natur gör den svår att operationalise- ras på ett  It was also a way to operationalise ecologi- cal modernisation in innovative projects, which urban sustainable development per definition is, means that the  Meaning and materiality in museum displays more. Finally, in the third part, I operationalise the aforesaid, established concepts in my in-depth investigation of  av J Lagsten · Citerat av 15 — “In order to be able to attribute a meaning to concepts, one must be able to apply them to samt processmodellen. VISU bör uppfattas som en operationalise-. What am I? How can I help you evaluate?

How to use operational in a sentence.
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What am I? How can I help you evaluate? Öppna rutan. av Jen. Y12 Y13 Psychology Evaluation. Operationalise the Hypothesis Slumpmässigt hjul. av Mrsnelder. Their status as foreigners means that they do not have access to. Lebanese There is a need of real determination to develop and operationalise proposals.

Yet, there is a definition of  13 Jun 2018 The Fund has begun operationalizing gender issues in its work. Staff should point to macroeconomic significance where it exists, with  Mindfulness has become the basis for numerous therapeutic interventions, both as a treatment in healthcare and as a means of enhancing well-being and  the researcher has defined the concept of strategy. Different defined concepts of organizational strategy include whether: (1) strategy is viewed as intended. 15 Jul 2020 Two visionary CEOs, two culture definitions that are closely related. You see, what people do when no one is looking is defined by the core  1 Oct 2015 Operationalizing Data analytics can be done cost-effectively if you It also means improving the quality of the user's interaction with a product  15 Jul 2019 You can deploy and consume R and Python models in Machine Learning Server to operationalize them. References in periodicals archive ?
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Inequality, 2018 In order to operationalise my analytical concepts and categories. av J Nyström · 2018 — Section 3.1 presents a way to operationalise equation (5), using a during construction, meaning that the contractor rents the lane from the  It is also primarily the national level that has the means to manage Havsplaneringsutredningen anser att den definition av begreppet Maritime Spatial Planning Many of these principles were difficult to operationalise and understand in an  av E Alfredsson — This means that economic growth should be sustainable in the long-term. 1980s, economists have sought to define, operationalise and find ways to measure. av L Gädda — definition och operationalise- ring av tvåspråkighet, kognitiva funktioner och EF. Beaktas bör även olika variabler som i olika sampel kan samvariera med. av S Quifors · 2018 — how these components and HR functions are operationalised, TM research lacks an that a researcher should question and interpret the meaning of the lived  Note: Tradeable sectors are defined by a selection of sectors defined in the A key challenge for Västerbotten and Norrbotten is to operationalise the smart  Detta har operationalise- rats i att Derivat tillhör kategorin genom att de per definition anses definition av risken, en beskrivning av hur den hanteras samt en.

Eng.) IPA: /ɒpəˈɹeɪʃ(ə)nəlʌɪz/(Amer.

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Operationalize is defined as to set something up so that it can be measured. An example of operationalize is to set up a production line and keep track of the number of pieces produced. Synonyms for operationalize in English including definitions, and related words. Another way to say Operationalise?

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av M EKSTRÖM · 1993 · Citerat av 20 — Sjalvklart utvarderas och modifieras operationalise processer (def. 2). Enligt definition tva ovan skall en kausal forklaring fokusera substanti ella och  av B für Straßenwesen — stood to mean learning which can be characterised, for exam ple, by its taking place in an used to operationalise test demands such as the identification of  olika nivåer inom utbildningssystemet och, slutligen, reformen operationalise- ras bland de 53 Fullan, M. (2001) The new Meaning of Educational Change. It covers conceptual issues concerning the meaning of democracy, normative the how to define and operationalise concepts; To have a basic knowledge of  av C Mattsson · 2018 · Citerat av 3 — analysing operationalise –make practical– theoretical constructions of discourse in into complex relations which constitute social life: meaning, and making. Each agenda area has defined the research and innovation needs in the short mining and metal industry, and operationalise and test these for practical use.

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initiate verb (initiates, initiated,  29 May 2014 However, the verb has a very different meaning in academic and scientific writing , where to “operationalize” means to express something in  operationalise (third-person singular simple present operationalises, present participle operationalising, simple past and past participle operationalised). operationalize(Verb). To make operational. · operationalize(Verb). To define (a concept) in such a way that it can be practically measured.

‘such measures would be difficult to operationalize’. More example sentences. ‘I hope so, for I've already begun discussions about operationalizing my Dream.’.